Sovereign Metal Detecting Holidays Pricing

How Covid-19 effect my Metal Detecting Holiday

Due to the current situation surrounding Covid19, here at Sovereign Metal Detecting, we have had to cancel all Digs in 2020

Our 2021 holidays are priced at a flat rate of £2,500 per person, with no hidden surprises – guaranteed.

Metal Detecting Shrewsbury

Sovereign Metal Detecting Holiday Pricing 2021

We follow the government guidelines very closely, and are hoping the Covid-19 pandemic has settled enough that we can extend our detecting holidays. Our prices will be based on a 10 day Metal Detecting holiday for all digs in 20201.

Prices for 2021 are set at £2,500 per person with no hidden costs.

2021 Digs

Payments can be made in the following installments;

Five equal payments of £500
One-off payment of £2,500

Total due 4 weeks before commencement of holiday

This is to ensure those joining us on the holiday have paid in full, and to confirm all accommodation costs with our hotel partner


Extra Information

Please note, we follow the code of conduct, as set out by the National Council of Metal Detecting.

Did you know that Sovereign, offer payment plans?  Why not check out our Prices and start saving for your next metal detecting experience with Sovereign Metal Detecting Holidays – complete with expert guides.  Visit our Holiday Dates to check out when we running holidays for 2021.