About Sovereign Metal Detecting

Sovereign Metal Detecting Holidays are a small passionate team, offering metal detecting holidays for all ages.  Fronted by Charles and Simon, your two expert guides, they will make you feel at home, and part of the family from the moment you arrive.

Charles Lloyd - Expert Guide

Charles Lloyd - Expert Guide

Expert Guide – Charles Lloyd

Well hello there, my name is Charles Lloyd and along with friend and business partner Simon Moyle, I am one of the co-founders of this exciting venture – Sovereign Metal Detecting Holidays, here in history soaked Shropshire.

I was born into a farming family, so my love of the land has always been part of me but my deep passion for history was probably ignited through my mother being a Antique Dealer in The medieval market town of Shrewsbury.  I have been Detecting for 30 years and my enthusiasm still grows.

Having connections within the farming community I have thousands of acres at my disposal and many with hugely important historical backgrounds, including a farm with the remains of a 12th century castle.  Which is totally exclusive to myself and to you all at my invitation.

On a personal note I’ve been married 27 years to my wonderful wife Sarah and I have two children George and Grace. I am thoroughly looking forward to meeting you all and I guarantee l that you’ll have the historical ride of your life.

Let the adventure begin!

Sovereign Metal Detecting Shrewsbury, Expert Guide Simon Moyle

Sovereign Metal Detecting Shrewsbury, Expert Guide Simon Moyle

Expert Guide – Simon Moyle

Please allow me the opportunity to introduce myself. First and foremost I’m a dedicated dad to three lovely children. I’ve been a senior manager for several American companies and have a masters degree in business. I now want to use this experience, coupled with my love of metal detecting, to make this a successful new business.

Growing up in the Midlands and then moving to Shropshire several years ago, I’ve been extremely lucky to be surrounded by rich history my entire life. I have enjoyed metal detecting for many years, but since moving to Shropshire it is safe to say it has become a real obsession for me. Every spare moment I try to be out searching the fields and country parks in and around Shrewsbury for the next hidden piece of treasure.

Luckily for me my good friend, and now business partner Charles comes from a farming background and has many contacts. Through his contacts he has been able secure access to 1000’s of acres of farmland, parkland etc around not just Shrewsbury, but the wider Shropshire areas and across the border into Wales.  During my metal detecting adventures on these fields I’ve been able to find Iron Age artefacts, Roman coins, Roman brooches, Hammered coins, Silver coins and rings, along with many other interesting artefacts.

Between Charles and I we have a lot of experience in our wonderful hobby and both have a real passion to share this with our guests during your time with us at Sovereign Metal Detecting Holidays.

See you soon!

Extra Information

Please note, we follow the code of conduct, as set out by the National Council of Metal Detecting.

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